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  • Reopening instructions for indoor Mass 

  • Procedures for the Reopening of Public attended Mass

  • Cathedral of St. Peter

  • online giving

    St. Christopher's needs your support now more than ever!  Join the parishioners who are using Faith Direct for automated giving to St. Christopher.  Faith Direct offers a safe and secure way to donate to our parish in this time of uncertainty.  There is no cost to you, and the program provides a great benefit to our parish.  Sign up today by visiting faith.direct/MD758
    We are also extremely grateful to our envelope using parishioners who have been mailing in their weekly donations!

     Thank you for your continued support of our parish family.

  • Need Help?

    Our Food Pantry is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30-Noon!

    If you need food or know someone who needs food, Outreach is here to help.

    Please call 410-643-3366 for assistance.

    Thank you for your most generous support.

  • Flocknote

    IF YOU ARE NOT receiving the Flocknote e-mail/text messages from the parish, including lots of timely details regarding COVID-19, Mass Times or other periodic e-mail communications which we send, then you should

    Once you do, you will receive regular e-mails, and if you include your cell phone number, periodic text messages, about life in our parish.
    To join St. Christopher Flocknotes  simply text SCCCKI to 84576. 
    Here is what you do:
     1. Open a New Text Message
    2. On the “To” line type 84576
    In the body of the text: SCCCKI
    You will receive a response with a link to complete their sign up.  Click on the link and follow the prompts.
    You may also go to :
    https://StChristophersChurch.flocknote.com to sign up 

  • Temporary Closure of Preschool

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Change is a continual experience within humanity.  Each of us is always developing in mind, body, and spirit.  We are truly grateful for the opportunities we have in a community such as St. Christopher’s parish.  Together we share experiences of all sorts and make a difference in each other’s lives. 

    Our parish has supported and promoted the positive development that children of the preschool age could have in our own Preschool.  Under the direction of Sandra Romanek, our Preschool program has grown from having thirty-four children twenty years ago to having one hundred-nine children enrolled this past year.  Our teaching staff have supplied a remarkable learning environment for the children.  They have made a significant positive difference in these children’s lives while they attended our Preschool.

    This last academic year was interrupted by the pandemic.  Our teachers found themselves in a changed teaching environment and a predicament that was believed to be one that would be short lived.  The year was completed without being able to reopen for the students, just like the regular education classrooms for students in our county. 

    Excited to meet the challenges of a new school year, and learning all of the protocols for keeping learners safe during instruction time, we learned many new regulations and practices that would benefit our children when they returned to the classroom.  Unfortunately, recent changes to the school year opening announced by our local school board has caused many parents to decide to keep their children home.  The decrease in enrollment has made it cost prohibitive for us to open at this time.

    We are anticipating reopening either in January 2021 or next school year and resuming the wonderful program that has been so enjoyed by children these past twenty years. 

    As a parish, we stand in prayer and gratitude for the efforts our teachers and staff of our Preschool have made, and we look forward with hope that in a short time we will be together again in the Preschool.

    Pax Christi,
    Vy. Rev. John B. Gabage, V.F.    

  • Reconciliation

    Sacrament of Reconciliation
    Saturday August 8
    3:30-4:30 pm

    Following government regulations of wearing masks and keeping six feet apart for social distancing is required within the parking lot, on the steps, and in the facility.

    One person at a time will be admitted into the Church Narthex via the front entrance of the Church.

    The door will automatically open for ingress and egress. If you use the handrails on the steps, we ask that you bring a disinfectant wipe to use between the rail and your hand to and from.
    Please note: No Restroom facilities are available. There will be no kneeler or chair available; you will remain standing while confessing. After the absolution, you will exit the church building immediately.

    Please remain patient.

    Please remain patient.

    Please remain patient.

    Thank you for remaining patient and for exhibiting charity at all times.