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MUSIC MINISTRY-Please consider becoming a part of the Music Ministry at St.

Christopher's!  All groups will begin practicing again in September, there are no auditions

required just a desire to make a joyful noise! Contact Maryalice Davis for more



CHILDREN'S CHOIR-This group is led by Ms. Denise and is open to elementary school students.  Practices begin on September 11th and are on Wednesdays from 6:00-6:45PM in the church.  The children's choir will sing at the 9:00AM mass the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month throughout the school year as well as Christmas, Easter and Mother's Day.  All singers and instrumentalists are welcome!


*TEEN CHOIR*new!-This is a new group led by JP Bailey, that is open to all musicians in middle school and high school.  The teen choir will provide the music for the 5:00PM Saturday mass on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month as well as Christmas, Easter and other special liturgies throughout the year.  There will be a few initial practices at the beginning of the year, and then practices will be at 4:00 Sunday before mass on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month..


GUITAR GROUP-The guitar group provides the music for the 9:00AM mass on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month and for other special liturgies throughout the year. Practices are at 8:00AM before the mass with a few extra practices for the special liturgies.  All singers and instrumentalists are invited to join!


ST. CHRISTOPHERS CHOIR-The choir practices on Wednesday evenings in the church from 7:00 - 8:30PM.  The choir provides traditional music for the 11:00AM mass each week as well as Holy Days and other special liturgies throughout the year.  There is no audition, and you do not need to read music to join.


CANTORS-Cantors are needed to lead the congregation in song at all masses and are usually scheduled for one or two masses per month.  This is a great way to become part of the music ministry - please contact Maryalice if you are interesting in becoming a cantor.

Traditional Choir Rehearsal, Contemporary Choir, Children's Choir, & Instruments - please contact Maryalice Davis for more information at -

Who We Are


We are children and adults, boys and girls, men and women who sing and play instruments at two Masses on Saturday evening and at three Masses on Sunday. We also provide music for Masses on Holy Days of Obligation, as well as for reception of the Sacraments of First Eucharist, Confirmation, and Marriage. We do this for the honor and glory of God and to serve Him.


Understanding the power of music to lift the spirit and lead us to participate more deeply in the Mass and Sacraments, we strive to learn the music to be sung by all very well so that we may lead and encourage all to participate, we learn ways to enhance the ordinary music to make it more beautiful and inspiring, and we work to improve our skills of singing and accompanying song so that we may both support and inspire those who come to St. Christopher’s Church to worship.


How We Serve


Members of the Music Ministry serve God and others as:


A Cantor

An individual who sings the verses of the Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation and who leads the assembly in hymns, acclamations, and responses. The cantor may also teach the assembly new music to be sung. A cantor may also be a member of a choir.


A Choir Member

A member of a group who enhances the ordinary music of the assembly with harmonies or sings music to be listened to before Mass and at times during Mass at the Preparation of the Gifts.


An Instrumentalist

The ordinary instruments that accompany the sung music at St. Christopher’s are the organ, the keyboard, and the guitar.


During the major feasts and seasons of Christmas and Easter, we invite flutists, violinists, trumpeters to further enhance the music and add to the festive nature of these feasts, always mindful that the instrumentalists’ role is in support of the singing voices of the worshiping assembly and not to bring attention to themselves as individual performers.


Occasionally, members of the youth ensemble will play various other instruments, along with the organ or keyboard, at their special monthly Mass to give added support and emphasis to a particular piece of music being sung or listened to before

How Will You Serve?


If you are interested in serving as a cantor, a choir member, or an instrumentalist please contact the Director of Music Ministry, Maryalice Davis at 410-643-6220 or




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