St. Christopher's Church is dedicated to bringing
God's people to Christ through the sacraments
of the Catholic church, devotions, prayer,
community support and service.



St. Christopher’s parish is the Roman Catholic Community of Kent Island, Grasonville and their immediate Maryland Eastern Shore environs.  God calls us to be a loving, friendly community desiring to joyfully share with all others, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the “Good News” of the healing, freeing, saving invitation of Jesus Christ.


Therefore, we seek to follow that call by committing ourselves to:


Build community through warmth, friendship, and genuine hospitality extended to all without distinction;


Provide a variety of religious, social, and spiritual opportunities for small group sharing and learning experiences;


Add programs for our families, for those who are widowed or divorced, the elderly or the homebound, and for our teens and young adults;


Share God’s word and love, compassionately and respectfully, with those who no longer find a home in the Church and all those who hold no belief;


Join with other faith-traditions in ministering to those in need and in praying and working for social justice in our own community and throughout the world.


We encourage one another to live out this expanded mission, as we continue to commit ourselves to our neighbors. We seek to increase active, conscious and joy-filled participation in the Eucharistic Sacrifice where we worship the Father through His Son Jesus in union with the Holy Spirit, and where we find our identity as a Catholic community.





St. Christopher's Church

1861 Harbor Dr.

Chester, MD 21619-0660

Parish Office:  410-643-6220



Hours:  Mon.–Fri. ( 9:00 – 4:00 p.m.)

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